Have you set up forms on your WordPress site, only to find that the emails aren’t getting delivered? It’s common to see email delivery issues in WordPress, but this can be fixed by using WP Mail SMTP for reliable, authenticated email delivery.

Plugin Name: Gmail SMTP
Plugin Author: naa986
Plugin Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/gmail-smtp/

1. Login the site’s e-mail on Google Developers: https://console.developers.google.com

2. Select My Project > Create project



3. Enter desired project name, then Create

4. Now make sure you are in the Project that we created. Click Credentials.


5. Go to OAuth consent screen and assign Product Name

6. Select Create credentials and choose OAuth client ID

7. Choose Web application, assign Name and Create

8. Now go to your site’s wp-admin. Make sure the Gmail SMTP  Plugin is activated already to your site, then go to
Settings > Gmail SMTP

9. Copy Authorized Redirect URI

10.  Paste our Authorized Redirect URI to Authorized redirect URIs then Create

11. Copy our client ID and client secret

12. Go back to your Gmail SMTP setting and fulfill all the fields. Save Changes

13. We are almost there! Now Grant Permission

14. Allow permission with the same email used on Google Developers

15. That’s it! We are done! You should see green and Connected message

16. You can now do email testing.

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